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Free Tool Directly Save to Google Drive from URL Link (2019)

Author Helen

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Mar 01, 2019 | 3 mins read

Author Helen

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This article will introduce a very useful solution to directly save online files to cloud drive storage only with their URLs at hand.

Definition of Saving to Google Drive via URL

Save URL to Google Drive refers to save online files/folders, photos/images/pictures/screenshots/graphics, pdfs, tables/charts/forms, audios/music/songs, videos/movies, web pages etc. data stored in remote server or cloud storages to Google Drive cloud from their URL link addresses.

How to Save to Google Drive from URL?

Usually, we can store those web files by first of all open their web links in a browser like Chrome. Then, download them to local devices. Finally, upload them from local machine to Google cloud. This is troublesome. Yet, usually, we are unable to download those items to computer while only can view them online. Then, how to deal with such situation? Is there any way to directly save file to Google Drive from URL?

Yes, of course! There is a third party URL to cloud drive download software called MultCloud. The following is the steps for saving URL to GDrive with the help of MultCloud.

# 1. Sign up for MultCloud - Free

MultCloud is a web-based program which only requires us to create an account without downloading and installing its app. Thus, we can save our local disk space.

# 2. Add Google Drive to MultCloud

After registering to MultCloud successfully, sign in to its platform. In the main user interface, click to enter “Add Clouds” tab on the top and select “Google Drive” or “Google Drive for G Suite” according our Google account. Then, follow the easy guidance to finish this task.

Add Google Drive
Add Google Cloud Drive

# 3. Save to Google Drive from URL

When all preparations above are done, go to “Cloud Explorer” tab, in the left menu, choose the added Google Drive to make it active. Then, click “Upload” on the upper left and select “Upload URL” in the pop-up window.

Google Drive Upload URL
Save Link to Google Drive

In the next window, input target URL links in the first column and specify a name to the file in the second column. Confirm the information and click “OK”.

Add URL to Google Drive
Add URL to Google Drive


  • The extension of the filename we personalized should better be the same as the original one. Otherwise, we may unable to view the file properly after saving to Google. Of course we can keep the default file name as it is.
  • It only allows us to upload one item in one time currently. To add more online files, we have to repeat the process.

When the whole task is done, we can see those online files in Google Drive on MultCloud Cloud Explorer platform. If can’t see them, just refresh the panel by click the refresh icon on the upper right next to the search icon (magnifier); or, refresh the web browser.

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Multcloud Key Features

  • Transfer files in clouds, FTP and WebDav for easily file management & information delivery.

  • Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.