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MEGA Import to Cloud Drive with Free and Reliable MultCloud

This article mainly talks about how to import Mega cloud drive to other clouds and how to exchange data between MEGA and them directly using the professional tool – MultCloud.

Author Helen

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Mar 25, 2019 | 3 mins read

Author Helen

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MEGA import to cloud drive here means to connect Mega cloud drive to another cloud storage online. Therefore, they can transfer, migrate, move, sync, copy, backup, etc. files with each other directly. This is also convenient for multiple clouds management.

Usually, we can’t link two cloud drives for they are separated from each other. Yet, with the help of professional software, it can be completed. The multiple cloud storage manager – MultCloud is one of such programs. Let’s see how it works.

Step 1. Sign up for MultCloud – FREE

MultCloud is a kind of service based online. Thus, to make use of it, we just need to create an account of it. There is no need to download and install it on our local device to take up precious hard disk space.

Tips: MultCloud has a Chrome extension version which is much easier to use.

Step 2. Add Related Cloud Accounts (Mega, etc.) to MultCloud

Sign in MultCloud platform, go to “Add Clouds” tab on the top menu and select the cloud brand that we want to add this time. Then, follow the user guide to finish cloud account adding.

Add Mega Cloud
Add Mega Cloud Drive

Tips: MultCloud only allow to add one cloud account in one process. To add extra ones, just repeat this procedure.

Step 3. MEGA Import to Cloud Drive

After successfully added all involved clouds, enter “Cloud Explorer” tab and we can see that Mega drive is listed among other added clouds. Until now, MEGA cloud is successfully imported with other cloud drives.

Cloud Explorer
MEGA with Other Cloud Drives

Next, we can directly exchange data between Mega and other cloud storages. It is very easy!

Copy Files from Mega to Google Drive

1. Choose “MEGA” among the clouds to make it active. Then, its contents will be displayed on the right area. Select all or some items, right-click on them and choose “Copy” or “Copy to”.

Manage MEGA Drive
Copy MEGA Contents

2. If “Copy” is chosen, just go to Google Drive, right-click any blank space in the right content area and select “Paste”. The target files will be copied from MEGA to G Drive.

3. If “Copy to” is selected, a window will pop-up asking for choosing destination cloud. Just select GD and click “Transfer”.

Copy to
Copy Mega Files to Google Drive

Transfer Dropbox to Mega

Enter “Cloud Transfer” tab, specify source and destination cloud, finally click “Transfer Now”.

Transfer Dropbox to MEGA
Dropbox to Mega Transfer

Sync MEGA to OneDrive

Go to “Cloud Sync” screen, input source and destination cloud with Microsoft OneDrive and MEGA cloud separately, then click “Sync Now”.

Sync MEGA and OneDrive
Sync between OneDrive and Mega
MultCloud Logo

Quickly transfer, sync or backup files from one cloud to another.

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Multcloud Key Features

  • Transfer files in clouds, FTP and WebDav for easily file management & information delivery.

  • Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.