Backup FTP to Google Drive?

  • FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol. It powers one of the fundamental Internet functions and it’s the prescribed method for file transmission between computers. Most web hosting services provide FTP access to their customers, allowing them to upload the contents of their web sites.
  • Google Drive was released in 2012. It’s free to use as long as you have a Google account. Users often employ this cloud storage to save and share files with others. The Google Drive office suite enables collaborative edit of documents, spreadsheets, forms, etc.
Google Drive&FTP access looks like a redundancy. But it opens many possibilities on the practical purpose, such as restoration of website or other FTP content from anywhere and so on. The only problem is that a number of people have no idea how to connect Google Drive and FTP. Here, MultCloud would be an ideal solution, capable to sync files between them with just one login.

Connect Google Drive and FTP through MultCloud

MultCloud works as a junction which unifies all cloud services in one place. Apart from FTP and Google Drive, there’re also more than 20 clouds supported by this free web application: Evernote, Dropbox, Flickr, Amazon Cloud Drive, Amazon S3, WebDav, Box, SugarSync, OneDrive, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive, WEB.DE, Yandex, Hidrive, BaiDu, MediaFire, ownCloud, Alfresco, ADrive, Hubic, MySQL and MEGA. You’ll find detailed information from the following 3 steps to let FTP access to Google Drive.

Step 1: Register MultCloud or experience without signing up.

Step 2: Add cloud drives. You can even add several accounts of the same provider(refer to here). If the service supports OAuth authorization, its username or password will not be required.

Step 3: Connected Google Drive to FTP is finished. Now there exist 3 approaches to copy or move files from FTP to Google Drive or vice versa. The first one is ticking target files then dragging to another cloud.

The second choice, right click the target file. Select “Copy” or “Copy to”. As you see from the contextmenu, other features like “Rename”, “Share”, etc are available, too. By the way, “Preview” supports jpgpnggifpdfxlsdoc as well as text files like txt, html, js.

The last method is to hire Transfer or Backup Service under “Transfer” tab. When uploading files from FTP to Google Drive via FileZilla or other clients manually, a user may lose or forget some crucial data. So schedule backup must be preferred, which can be accomplished by MultCloud.

In general, for people who own multiple cloud storage, you might as well try this web-based app. It is able to access all your clouds wiht one login. For example: ownCloud connect ot FTP, move FTP to Dropbox and so on, all such kinds of operations will be done successfully through MultCloud. Plus, Google Chrome extension of MultCloud has been developed already. Instruction please go to:

Update: MultCloud developed a Sync service: Please visit Sync FTP to Google Drive.

Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.