Why backup Box to Evernote?

About Box and Evernote

Box, formerly Box.net, is an online file sharing and content management service for businesses. Tools like collaboration and file privacy control are especially designed for business trade. However, Box still gives 10 GB free online storage for personal use and 100 GB with the payment of $10/month for subscribers currently. Many users store their files and documents over Box for both personal and business use. Evernote is a cross-platform which is mainly designed for note taking, organizing, and archiving. It is available on almost all your devices and you can share notes with the people who matters to you.

Why backup from Box to Evernote?

You will never worry about where you saved something if you backup files from Box to Evernote, because it is in Evernote as its official website reads. Every file you stored in Box could be accessed by devices that installed on Evernote app, which gives you more options of file sharing. One another reason to backup Box file to Evernote is to create extra layer of protection for your data. If you lost one in Box by accidentally, you will always get its copy in Evernote. It is normal that people backup files from one Cloud account to another just like backing up Google Drive to Dropbox. However, what are you going to do to complete that?

box to evernote
Box to Evernote

How to backup Box to Evernote?

The easiest way to transfer Box to Evernote is turn to Cloud service manager, MultCloud. It allows you to add both Box and Evernote into the same interface. Everything is simple and clear. This web app is based on standard OAuth system, so you don’t have to provide username and password of your accounts. MultCloud supports all popular Cloud services, so you can easily move files from OneDrive to Box. You can exclude certain file types that you don’t want to backup to Evernote during the backup process in Options. Scheduled backup Box to other Cloud storage is also available. Sign up to follow the guide to backup files in Box.

Step1. Add Box and Evernote to MultCloud

Only email, username, and password needed for MultCloud's sign-up. After logging in MultCloud, click Add Cloud Drives on the left side. Pitch on Box icon. Then click on Add Box Account. You need to repeat these moves to add Evernote to MultCloud.

add cloud drives
Add Cloud Drives
add box account
Add Box Account

Step2. Backup Box to Evernote

After adding two Clouds, click on Transfer above. Select Box and Evernote separately in From box and To box. You can edit the task name to distinguish it from others. Click Run Now, or Schedule Later if necessary.

backup box to evernote
Backup Box to Evernote

Apparently, you can backup Box to Evernote in an effective way with the help of MultCloud. As covered before, MultCloud supports more than Box and Evernote, and you can identify this from the screenshots. You can transfer Google Drive files from one account to another with MultCloud. Other than Cloud manager, MultCloud is a free alternative to Otixo as well.

*Update: Since 4.0 version, you can sync cloud drive in MultCloud's Cloud Sync service.

Multcloud Key Features

  • Cloud Transfer

    Transfer files in cloud drives, FTP and WebDav for easily file management and information delivery.

  • Cloud Sync

    Sync two clouds or directories in two clouds through two-way sync or one-way sync.

  • Cloud Explorer

    Combine multiple cloud storages into one and manage them like in Windows explorer.