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Free Plan


Lifetime Free

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Yearly Unlimited


Billed Monthly

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Data Traffic 30GB Data Traffic/Month

Free users have 30GB data traffic in total to transfer or sync data between cloud storage services every month.

150GB Data Traffic/Month($0.066/GB)
Additional Data Traffic Upgrade to Subscriber if Data
Traffic Limit Reached
Billed at $0.118/GB or $0.099/GB
if Data Traffic Limit Reached

Monthly subscribers could use 50GB/$5.9 and 100GB/$9.9 for additional data traffic if 150GB/Month is not enough

Synchronization Modes 2 Modes

Two-way Sync and Simple Sync supported

8 Modes

Two-way Sync and 7 custom options in One-Way Sync. Incremental Backup Sync supported

Cloud-to-Cloud File Transfer/Sync
File Explorer for Multi-clouds
Scheduled Transfer/Sync

Subscribers can schedule automatic cloud to cloud transfer/sync at a regular interval or for a special timing

Quintupled Transfer Speed

There are 10 threads for subscribers, instead of 2, so the transfer speed is greatly increased


Subscribers can have two sync tasks performing at the same time

File Transfer/Sync Filter

Setup a Filter to transfer or sync files with user-defined filename or certain extensions automatically

Upload Encryption

Subscribers can encrypt the uploaded files

Type of Servers General Servers VIP Servers
Level of Technical Support Normal Level Highest Level

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Testimonials & Reviews

  1. Just found your service and signed up for the free version to manage camera phone pics from Onedrive where I have 15g to Box where I have 30g. Works well, the interface is easy to navigate. Already moved over 1000 pics.Thanks!

  1. The service is like an online version of Windows Explorer, and provides access to multiple cloud storage services in one place. It eliminates the need to visit multiple websites or install several client apps to access all of your files. If you want to copy files from Google Drive to Dropbox, or from OneDrive to Amazon S3, or you just like the idea of browsing all of your accounts in a single browser tab, MultCloud lets you do it.

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