MultCloud FAQ

  • Is MultCloud FREE?

    Yes, it is a free application for both personal and business user. For free account, you can use 50GB data traffic provided by MultCloud everymonth to transfer your files from one cloud to other clouds. However, if you want to experience more features (such as scheduled transfer) and get 150GB data traffic every month, then you can purchase our premium subscription.

  • Is MultCloud a cloud storage service?

    MultCloud is like a cloud management channel and it does not have any storage space. If you have multiple clouds, then you can add them to MultCloud to manage and transfer your files from one cloud to other clouds as long as there is enough free space on your destination cloud.

  • Is there any traffic data limitation in MultCloud?

    If you are a free account, you have 50GB data traffic every month. But you can earn more data traffic via activities. Besides, if you purchase premium subscription, then you will have 150GB data traffic every month.

  • Is 50GB lifetime data traffic?

    No, you'll have 50GB data traiffc every month. However, when you run out of the data traffic, you'll not unable to transfer data. If you still want to transfer files, then you need to upgrade your account to be premium account so you can continue to transfer files.

  • Is MultCloud safe to use?

    There is no doubt that MultCloud is safe to use. It does use three methods to ensure the safety of your account and data.

    (1). 256-bit encryption is applied on data transmission.

    (2). The authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to build up a connection to cloud services without username and password required.

    (3). Your data and files will not be stored on MultCloud server. They’ll be still kept in the original cloud drives. MultCloud can only be allowed to access into your cloud drive account with your own permission.

  • Can I subscribe with credit card?

    MultCloud does not support credit card and it only supports Paypal at present.

  • How do I change my plan from Monthly to Yearly?

    There're two ways to do this:

    (1). Cancel this monthly subscription first and when this month is over, you can purchase the yearly subscription.

    (2). Email us so that we can help you to resolve this problem directly.

  • What clouds does MultCloud support now?

    Currently, the following service providers are supported by MultCloud:

    ADrive, Alfresco,Amazon Drive,Amazon S3, BaiDu,Box,CloudMe,Cubby,Dropbox,Dropbox for Business,Egnyte,Evernote,Flickr,FTP,Google Drive,Google Drive for G Suite,HiDrive,HubiC,MediaFire,MEGA,MyDrive,MySQL,OneDrive,OneDrive for Business,ownCloud,pCloud,SugarSync,WebDav,WEB.DE,Yandex.

    Tip: If MultCloud does not support the service you need, please feel free to tell us via email and wewill try our best to add it in new version.

  • Does MultCloud have apps for mobile devices?

    MultCloud does not have separate App at present.

  • How can I add multiple accounts of a same cloud provider into MultCloud?

    After adding your first account to MultCloud successfully, please go to its official website to log in your second account and then return to MultCloud’s webpage to add the second account and so on.

  • Are there any limitations on the size of uploading file?

    To ensure better data transmission, the size of the file you upload to cloud drive via MultCloud should be under 1GB. If you would like to upload file over 1GB, please log in its official cloud webpage and upload files. Besides, you can’t upload or download folder via MultCloud at present.

  • I entered the interface of plans by clicking "speed up", how can I get back to the last page?

    Please click "Cloud Explorer" so that you can enter into your previous page to view your transfer.

  • How to remove cloud from MultCloud?

    To remove a cloud drive from MultCloud, please right click the cloud you want to remove and you will see the “Remove” option under the pop-up windows, please click it.

  • Will data be deleted in the cloud after removing the cloud from MultCloud?

    No, actually, removing the cloud from MultCloud is only to cut off the connection between MultCloud and the server of the cloud. That is to say, the data won’t be affected after the cloud account has been removed.

  • How to cancel my subscription?

    Click “shopping cart” next to your user name so that you can see “Unsubscribe’ option. Click it and enter in your Paypal account and password so you can cancel your subscription.

  • How to delete my account?

    (1). Click on “User name” -> “Settings” in the upper right corner.

    (2). Click on “Options” and check “I want to delete my account permanently”.

    (3). Type your feedback regarding your account deletion (optional).

    (4). Click the “Delete my account” button.

    Tip: Deleting your account will not impact your online content.

  • How can I change my password?

    (1). Click on “User name” -> “Settings” in the upper right corner.

    (2). In the “General” tab page, type your new password and confirm it.

    (3). Then click the “Save” button.

  • Does MultCloud support to change email address?

    MultCloud does not support to change email address at present.

  • I forgot my password. What can I do?

    (1). Visit the link:, and enter in your email address and then click on the 'Forgot password?

    (2). Enter your email address and click “Send Reset Message”.

    (3). Visit the link in email received and reset your password.

    Tips: If you do not receive an email after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. Besides, if your account is not activated, then you can’t reset password, and what you can do is recreate a new account using another email address.

  • I log in MultCloud via Google+, but I am unable to log in MultCloud via MultCloud’s entry using Google+ account.

    MultCloud’s entry and Google+ are different ways to log in MultCloud. If you log in MultCloud via Google+, then you cannot use your Goolge+ account to log in MultCloud via MultCloud’s entry.

  • I do not receive the activation email after signing up MultCloud account.

    Please check your spam folder and try to activate your account again.After clicking “activate” option,MultCloud would send the confirmation email again. If you still don't receive the email, please delete the account and then register again. As for how to delete your account,please first log in the account with skipping activation,then click the account name→settings→options to delete the account.After that, you can register and send the confirmation email again.But, if the above is still not useful for you, you might need to change another email address to sign up.

  • How do you recover these files deleted via MultCloud?

    When you delete files via MultCloud, they are actually moved to the recycle bin of its cloud. You can login its cloud official website to move these files back from recycle bin. However, if you can’t find them in recycle bin, then you need to contact the cloud support to see if they can assist you to recover these files.

  • Does MultCloud support to transfer files at the background?

    Yes, MultCloud supports to transfer files at the background. For general task, once your task starts, you can close your webpage and even close your pc as MultCloud supports to run at the background. For scheduled task, as long as you add tasks to Task Manager and do not run it manually, these scheduled tasks also would be run as scheduled at the background.

  • Will it consume the data traffic of MultCloud when you upload or download files?

    When you download file from cloud via MultCloud to local pc or upload file from local pc to cloud via MultCloud, it will use your Internet connected to your computer. So it doesn’t use the data traffic of MultCloud. Only when you perform “cloud transfer” or “cloud sync” task from one cloud to another cloud, it will consume the data traffic of MultCloud.

  • What's the difference between using Cloud Transfer and Copy+Paste?

    If it is a folder, then you can transfer it via both "Cloud Transfer" and Copy+Paste. But if it is file, then you need to transfer them using Copy+Paste way via "Cloud Explorer".

  • What’s the difference between “Cloud Transfer” and “Cloud Sync”?

    For "Cloud Transfer" function, if you want to transfer a folder named A under Onedrive to a folder named B under Google drive, then its source path should be Onedrive/A and its destination path should be Google drive/B before transferring. After transferring, the A folder will be created under path Google drive/B/A. So it's like Window's "copy" function.

    For "Cloud Sync", if you want to transfer a folder named A under Onedrive to a folder named B under Google drive, then its source path should be Onedrive/A and its destination path should be Google drive/B before syncing. After syncing, only these contents under folder A will be synced to the path Google drive/B. That is to say for "cloud sync" function, MultCloud only sync contents under your source folder to your destination folder.

  • Why is transfer progress stuck?

    As for this problem, many factors should be taken into account, like file number, file type, file structure, cloud type, cloud limit and so on. So please check if the elapsed time in Details is changing. If it stops, please cancel this task first and reset this task selecting “Directly skip the file, don't transfer it.” Option and then try again. You can find “Options” under “Menu”.

  • The transfer speed doesn’t increase after upgrading to VIP account.

    (1). Please first check if your account has been VIP. If your account is a premium account now, you wil see 50GB and 100GB data traffic package in the cart. If your account is premium account now, please check if transfer task is created before you upgrade your account to the premium plan. If task is created before you upgrade your account, please cancel this task first and retry it.

    (2). Many factors affect transfer speed, like file number, file structure, file type, cloud type and so on. Besides, if you transfer files all in one go, it would take much time for MultCloud to read these files from its official website so it would also affect transfer speed.

  • How to find the “View Logs” so you can check the error info?

    Find “Task Manager”, open it, find corresponding task and click “Menu” so you can see “View logs” option.

  • Failed to list files when opening a cloud drive added into MultCloud.

    According this situation, please remove your drive from MultCloud first and re-add it to MultCloud. If problem persists after re-adding it, please contact us via email.

  • I am unable to add my Amazon S3 to MultCloud, what should I do?

    Please go to and open the drop-down menu of "My Account" and select "Security Credentials". Please check to find the detailed information about how to get your AWS Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.

  • Why does it fail when transferring data from FTP to other cloud drives?

    The failure might be caused by the access permission of file, firewall of FTP, the FTP setting and so on. Please check if you can download these files to computers via your FTP client and also MultCloud. If you can download them, above situations are not the reasons, and then please send email about problem you encountered to us.

  • Why does it fail when transferring data from OneDrive to other cloud drives?

    It might be that some files are recognized as malicious files by OneDrive, so MultCloud cannot read these files to transfer. Please try to download these files from OneDrive official website. If they can be downloaded, then they are not malicious files. Besides, OneDrive does not support saving file that has "." in the first character. Please confirm if there are special characters in your file name. If there are special characters in your file name, please change them and try again. If these are not your cases, please attach view logs or progress details and transfer task name you create to contact us.

  • The transfer failed with insufficient space error message.

    What you need to do is check if there is enough free space on your destination cloud to store the data you want to transfer. Please right click destination cloud in MultCloud and then click “Properties” to check the space. In addition, you can also check if the cloud space showed by MultCloud is consistent with the space showed in that cloud official website.

  • Why is there no enough space when transferring pictures or photos to Google Drive?

    When you save pictures or photos to Google Drive, they generally are saved to Google Pictures folder not in the storage you can see in Google Drive. Google Pictures storage is unlimited photo space which is not counted to the total capacity you can see in Google Drive. However, MultCloud can’t recognize Google Pictures storage currently, so when you transfer pictures or photos to Google Drive via MultCloud, it actually consumes the space you can see directly in Google Drive. So, please right click the Google Drive in MultCloud and then click“Properties” to check if there is enough free space on your Google Drive to save these pictures you want to transfer.

  • These files/folders with specific symbols in file name can’t be transferred via MultCloud.

    MultCloud currently can’t transfer these files/folder with specific symbols such as > < / \ ? " | * because specific symbol is also refused to name files/folders in the Windows and some clouds(such as OneDrive). So before transferring those files, please first move or modify these specific symbols in files/folder name manually and transfer them again.

  • Why does it fail when transferring data from MySQL to some cloud drives?

    MySQL is a special service, when transferring files from MySQL to other clouds,it does not provide data size to other clouds that need data size to upload file size into it. Currently you can transfer data from MySQL to these clouds, such as Google Drive, Box, Amazon Drive, Copy and Alfresco as these clouds do not need to obtain data size to upload files into them.

  • The transfer failed with error code 421

    Generally, the error shows up when transferring data from FTP to other clouds. It may be the FTP server is disconnected. Maybe the value of idle_session_timeout is too less or firewall of FTP refuses transmission. You can modify the value of idle_session_timeout in /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf and then run “service vsftpd restart” command. And also you can temporarily close the firewall to transfer again.

  • Why cannot you transfer data greater than 50GB from Mediafire to other cloud drives?

    Because the third-party developers such as MultCloud can only download data less than 50GB from Mediafire one day. So the transfer fails when you transfer data greater than 50GB from Mediafire to other clouds one day. Following is the limitation description from Mediafire: The Download API allows the 3rd-party software to generate the direct link for downloading or streaming. All accounts have a limited free 50 GB daily bandwidth. Premium accounts can still request direct links using their bandwidth after their free daily bandwidth is consumed. The remaining bandwidth is also returned in in Megabytes.

  • Why cannot you transfer data to Picture, Document, Video, Music folder in Baidu drive?

    As Baidu only provide read/write permissions for "lin1118" folder under "my application data" folder to the 3-rd party software, so you can only transfer data to or transfer data from "lin1118" folder.

  • Why does it fail when I transfer files to Flickr?

    As Flickr has some limits, so before transferring files to Flickr, please notice below tips:

    (1). You can only transfer pictures or videos to Flickr.

    (2). Folders can only be transferred to "Albums" directory and there cannot be subdirectories under the folders you want to transfer.

    (3). Files can only be transferred to "My Photostream" or "Albums" directory you create and all your files can be found in "My Photostream" directory.

    (4). All files under "Albums" directory are referenced to "My Photostream" directory. For example, if you delete a file under "Albums" directory, in fact, you just remove the index of the file from “Albums" directory, however, it still exists under "My Photostream" directory.

    (5). When you delete a file under "My Photostream", then corresponding file’s index under "Albums" directory will be deleted.

    (6). Album directory must have at least one file.

    (7). When creating a folder under “Albums" directory, MultCloud will add newest file that you uploaded to your Flickr into it automatically.