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How to Disable/Turn off/Cancel/Stop Auto Backup Google Photos

How to stop/disable/turn off/cancel photos on PC from automatic backup, sync or upload to Google Drive using Backup and Sync.

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Oct 24, 2017 | 7 mins read

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Google (Chrome) is not only a giant Internet explorer, it is also one of the most three popular cloud drive service providers (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive). To cooperate with Google Drive cloud service, Google has developed local file backup tool and local photo upload tool for its users. Nowadays, the two programs have been merged into one app called Backup and Sync. Though Google file/photo sync tool have helped its users a lot, they still bring some problems to people that make people have to stop Google auto backup photos.

Stop Google Photos Backup When Stuck on "Backing up 1 of XXX"

A lot of users like you have ever encountered Google photos backup stuck problem when you are making use of Google photos backup app, either the former Google Photos Backup or the very latest upgraded Backup and Sync. Especially when using Backup and Sync to sync a lot of local photos to Google drive cloud, people are probably get information like "Backing up 1 of XXX" or "Waiting for Sync" but it does not change for hours or even days. In the initial period of time, most users choose to wait it to finish its task. However, after even days of uploading, the number of the current backing up photos is still the same and does not change at all. Then, some users have lost their patience and want to turn off auto backup Google photos.

Stop Auto Backup Google Photos
Stop Auto Backup Google Photos

Or, some of you want to stop Google Drive from syncing photos for some other errors caused by Google photos backup software such as:

Or, you just want to disable Google photos auto backup for maybe you have made some mistakes yourselves or you do not want to upload these photos for now.

Anyhow, you need to stop backing up photos to Google. Then, how to stop Google photos backup on PC?

How to Stop Auto Backup Google Photos

To stop uploading photos to Google Drive, there are two directions and several ways in each direction.

Disable Google Photos Backup on Backup and Sync

For one direction, you can turn off auto backup on Google photos by directly stop Backup and Sync form working.

Quit Backup and Sync

Click on the system tray icon locating on the right of the taskbar, bottom right of the computer screen (sometimes it may be hided into an upward arrow). In the pop-up small window, click More (three dots). Then, select "Quit Backup and Sync" in the drop-down menu.

Quit Backup and Sync
Quit Backup and Sync

Temporarily Pause Backup and Sync

If you do not want to cancel Google photos backup task and just want to temporarily stop it from running for some reason such as need of sufficient network speed for other urgent computer tasks, you can just "Pause" Backup and Sync from above drop-down list.

Disconnect Account from Backup and Sync

Besides quit or pause Backup and Sync to stop Google photos backup, you can also achieve it by disconnecting your Google account from Backup and Sync. Once the account is disconnected from the app, its related task including photos sync will also be terminated.

Click on the icon of Backup and Sync, click three dots on the top right of the pop-up window and choose "Preferences..." option. In the pop-up window, move to "Settings" tab on the left panel and click "DISCONNECT ACCOUNT".

Disconnect Google Account
Disconnect Google Account

Choose No Source Folders

If there is no target files to deal with, then Backup and Sync will stop working! Thus, we can uncheck all folders setup to back up from local to cloud and all items choose to sync from cloud to local to stop Google Drive sync. This is easy to specify in Preferences settings window.

Uncheck Source Folders
Uncheck Source Folders

Tips: You can just uncheck “Sync My Drive to this computer” to disconnect all source folders syncing from Google cloud to local computer.

Other Ways to Turn off Backup and Sync

Of course close Backup and Sync is the most effective method to disable Google photos backup. Yet, you can also rely on other side ways unless the above solutions do not work.

Uninstall Backup and Sync

No matter which kind of device you are using and no matter what operating system you are running, you can all stop Google Drive syncing through uninstalling Backup and Sync application. There are several methods to remove the software from your machine; you can uninstall it in Control Panel, in Windows Settings, through your antivirus service or other ways. Anyhow, as long as Backup and Sync is uninstalled, it will stop Google Drive synchronization immediately as you wish.

Cut off the Network

Upload photos from local devices to cloud drives is an online task and need to rely on network supply. Therefore, if you cut off the Internet connection of your machine, it can also stop Backup and Sync from working thus turn off Google photos sync.

To cut off network, directly pull out the network cable connected to the computer. If you are using Wi-Fi, just disconnect it.

Tip: Go to Backup and Sync Settings - "NETWORK SETTINGS" according to above guidance cannot help for you can at most limit its upload/download speed to 1 KB/second instead of zero.

Shut down the Computer

If your computer stuck while you are trying to take operations to Backup and Sync, and there is no important document data under saving, you can just shut down your machine to stop Google photos backup.

Cut off Power Supply

If your whole computer stuck completely and you can't do anything on it even to manually close the computer, you may cut off its power supply by disconnecting the power cable or pull out the battery.

Tip: This might cause the loss of the unsaved data. So, think twice before make use of this way.

Turn off Backup and Sync in Google Photos App

If you are using Google Photos app (a windmill shape with red, blue, green and yellow four different colors) on your mobile phone or tablet, you can stop Google photos auto backup by several ways below.

Switch off Backup and Sync

1. Open Google Photos app on your cell phone. If you are not signed in, just sign in your Google account.

2. Tap Menu icon (three horizontal lines) on top left.

3. Click “Settings – Back up & sync”.

4. At the top, switch the button off.

Turn off Backup and Sync in Google Photos
Turn off Backup and Sync in Google Photos


  • Change the backup and sync status on Photos app will affect all other Google apps which use Backup and Sync like Google Drive.
  • Delete Google Photos app won’t turn off Backup & Sync; you must operate like above to do so.

Remove Google Account

Disconnect your Google account from Photos app. Then, all the set tasks will be cancelled.

Uninstall Google Photos

Uninstall Google Photos app will completely stop all tasks you arrange for the app including automatic photos backup and sync.

Cut off Network Connection

If disconnect the network (WiFi or mobile data) of Google Photos or your device, there is no network for data transportation, thus it will cut off photos backup on Google.

Power off Your Device

Without power supply, Google Photos app will not work.

MultCloud Helps with Photos Upload to Google Drive

When you finally and successfully manage to terminate Google photos backup. You may want to find an alternative to the software for you can't stand its problems anymore. Then, MultCloud should be recommended to you for its suitable functions.

MultCloud is a web-based service to manage multiple cloud drive accounts added to its platform. It not only enables you to upload from local to cloud, download from cloud to local, but also directly sync files/photos among clouds in one platform without shift from one to another and relying on local computer as transit.

MultCloud Google Drive Management
MultCloud Google Drive Management

Or, you may want to swith from Google Drive to another cloud service, such as OneDrive. Then, MultCloud can help you transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive without data loss.

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